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How do you install roof drip rail clips

Do you have to use adhesive to install these clips on the roof.

75561-52040 and in what direction are they installed my rear one is missing

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I have located a video of someone changing a set of roof drip molding on a 2007 Yaris. It doesn't appear to require adhesive and maybe this will give you a good idea of how to do it. I have never changed a set on a Yaris as its not a car I have seen much here in the states. That being said I hope the video helps you out.




Update :

Block Image

Block Image

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Monte thanks for the video it will help with molding I need to know how to attach the clips. One of my clips was missing and no instructions came with new one on how to install and in what direction to be placed on roof?


at 2:11 in the video you can see the orientation of the clip. I will attach a photo of the screenshot I took while watching the video.

Cheers!! The left side you can see the rear window.


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