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Представленный 3-его марта 20 17 г. Nintendo Switch- это портативная приставка, способная устанавливаться в док-станцию и выводить картинку на TV

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Why wont my switch turn on after water damage and I tried fixing it

Nintendo switch fan comes on when I connect the battery to the motherboard but it doesn't show anything on the screen and I tried it with a dock and nothing happened.

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If your Switch is refusing to boot due to corrosion, then I believe that the motherboard is broken (along with some other components within the Switch). Sure the fan may come on, but that doesn't mean that some other component of the motherboard is still broken. So I would suggest a motherboard replacement, a guide on which can be found here (unless you can clean it somehow, which I talk about below): Nintendo Switch Motherboard Replacement

Other components of the Nintendo Switch may have also been damaged, such as the display or some other daughterboards (e.g. the MicroSD card reader), so I would recommend checking them for any corrosion, which can be cleaned up using this guide: How to Correctly clean corrosion from a MacBook Pro logic board. (I know it is for a MacBook and not a switch, but the processes are basically the same for the Switch)

If you are unable to clean up the corrosion, you can simply purchase replacement parts here: Nintendo Game Console Запчасти

Do note that this sort of repair may be rather costly and take a lot of time, so if you do wish to carry out this I do wish you the best of luck with it.

MacBook Pro Изображение


How to Correctly clean corrosion from a MacBook Pro logic board.



2 hours

Nintendo Switch Motherboard Изображение


Nintendo Switch Motherboard Replacement



1 - 2 hours

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