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Released April 17, 2020 Model XT2041-4, XT2041-6, XT2041-7, XT2041DL

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front camera not working, in diagnostic test it fails

at first it worked with message showing 1431111 like but i haven't memorized exact number, with some of camera features failure messege.

Now camera not working at all. i am from pakistan and there is no outlet of motorola in pakistan, as it is not launched here, i am using refurbished motorola set.

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@mudasirhussain if the camera fails in diagnostics, replacing it would be a good start. Since iFixit does not yet have a guide for that, use something like this video to work on it. Cameras are readily available at many online stores.

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Dear, my camera issue is not hardware related. Its software or application fault


@mudasirhussain How did you come by that conclusion? The diagnostic tests are not there to test software; they verify the hardware is functioning correctly. If a component fails a diagnostic test, then that component has failed, not the software that accesses or controls that device.

I would suggest you follow @oldturkey03's advice and start by replacing the camera, but you can always satisfy yourself that it's not a software problem by wiping the phone back to factory settings. If it works there, then and only then you can say it's a software problem; otherwise in the opinion of at least a couple of guys with decades of experience, it's the hardware.


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