I replaced the led lights. Now I dont have a picture.

The tv lights up just no picture.

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@jasennielsen just to verify, your TV is a Samsung UN65MU7600F. You have a picture before just no backlight. You replaced the backlight strips. Now you have a backlight but no video? Is that correct? Have you double checked your work to make sure it is all properly connected? What have you checked? Issues like these are commonly issues with either the main board (GPU) or the panel itself.


That is correct. And yes, i did go back threw my work it looked ok. Would it make a differance if maybe one of the screens was backwards?


@jasennielsen yes, it does. I have had a polarizer reversed once. I used some of those polarized sunglasses and guess what? I ended up having a great privacy screen :-)) Needed to reverse the polarizers :-))


so that would make it have no picture then?



Did you try wearing polarized sunglasses and check if you can see a picture at all, you never said?

Good trick with polarized light is to look at the screen of most mobile phones whilst wearing polarized sunglasses and then turn the phone 90° and view it again to see the difference


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