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The March 2015 update of Apple's 13" MacBook Pro Retina Display, model A1502, features fifth-generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors and introduces the Force Touch trackpad.

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Only a black screen after changing the SSD in my MacBook what’s wrong?

I bought the SSD on this website. I followed the guide. I also replaced the battery with one I bought here too. Now my macbook will turn on, at first with the on sound now it’s not playing, but just a black empty screen.

I tried all the directions on the Apple website for black screen troubleshooting but to no avail.

I tried putting the old SSD back in but I still get only the black screen.

What could be wrong? Any suggestions please?

Block Image

the original SSD back in place with the new one out.👇

Block Image

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Hey, @lux76500.

My suggestion would be to check that all ribbon and/or ZIF cables are entirely intact and in proper placement. If any are slightly or even fully disconnected you'll experience screen blacking, and possibly still have sound depending on which connector it is. Good Luck.

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Thank you for your suggestion. I’m looking at everything inside and it all seems to be properly connected.

The battery exchange was a little tricky, especially removing the adhesive.. could it be something affected by that?


My guess here is an HDD issue. Check that it's properly connected. It may be a data corruption issue, which I've seen commonly in game consoles and desktop computers. It's got a few of the common symptoms of an HDD corruption (which is the device not being able to extract the data from the HDD, and therefore not understanding how to work at all.) Additionally, I would be sure to check that there are no blown fuses on the board disrupting function of the screen, and in turn preventing function of the device as a whole.


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What is the version of macOS your system is running?

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It was OS 10.15 Catalina


@luxflux - OK, that’s good! So we aren’t dealing with the HPF+ Vs APFS issue.

So it sound like you haven’t installed an OS onto the drive yet. I’m assuming you put back the original drive and the system is working with it, if not we need to get there. Then we need a USB thumb drive to create a bootable OS installer or access to a good high speed WiFi network to run the OS installer, I do find setting up the thumb drive quicker and less likely to fail. We’ll need a 32GB drive.

Last issue don’t accept the answer until you’re working or on a path to get your self working. So far we haven’t achieved that 🤗


Dan thank you so much! I didn’t know any of this, neither the accept answer rule.

I made a TimeMachine backup of my initial SSD drive to a 1TB external hard drive.

Once I exchanged the SSD drive and saw that it was not working I reversed my steps and replaced the initial SSD drive. However it still gave me a black screen and also the on sound was gone.

What next steps would you recommend?



@luxflux - So you aren’t working, that’s not good😱

At this point yoll need to connect an external keyboard, mouse and display to get into Clam Shell Mode. Can you do that?


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