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Question about a diode


I bought this ASRock B550AM AMD motherboard broken on ebay, hoping to fix it and I'm try to see if anyone knows where I can get this diode. I think I found something close, but I don't wanna put the wrong thing on; i'm hoping to use this motherboard once I can get the diode soldered on and a new 2032 seat.

Thank you for reading.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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@simon45385 besides being a B550AM motherboard, any other identifiers on the board? Every little bit will help. It appears that this is an OEM board so there will most likely not be any schematics. Going by the identifier on the diode, it should work. No, you wont do any harm by replacing it. BTW hope you got a plan for the connector right next to it :-)

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@oldturkey03 Hey, from the side there is a barcode with.. ABA 169500A29 (as best as I can see) with a AM4 socket and on one part it says it's a Hyper M.2 with a PCIe gen 4. I do have plans for the connector, I can get some of those on Ebay it seems; I'm going to try to either melt it off or flood the pins, probably the second method in hopes it comes off easy.


@simon45385 depending what you have going on on the bottom side, you could consider preheating it from the bottom as well :-)

Yes, the motherboard is a OEM without schematics. You are going to just have to try to replace the diode with the one you found.


I bought this board on Ebay like that it looks like the motherboard was melted like that, a SSD port with the 2032 seat gone as well.


Thank you for the help


I added more pictures sorry I should have done that in the first place


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