Auto boot before prompt to boot

Hi, To start off I’m still learning as a hobby so i hope i can learn. So I got this Ipad mini 5th gen that came in no power and no charging. The usb ammeter shows no current and not detected by pc. Then i found out there is vcc main short at the PMIC. So when i lift the pmic, the short gone. After replaced the pmic, it still cant be turned only after i found out that there is a shorted cap on PP2V63_Nand and i removed that and the short gone. I also learn the that the PPVBUS voltage drop to 3.7v, so i suspect that the charging ic(not the hydra aka usb ic) is bad i guess. So i lifted it up and the 5v restored.

The problems:

  1. It can turned on normally, but it has charging problem, the moment I plugged in charger, it shorted. lifted up charging ic shorted gone and can be turned on.
  2. It automatically turned on even i dont prompt to boot. Current on dcps start from 250mA and rises normally
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