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Model Number A1707. Released June 2017, this MacBook Pro features Kaby Lake processors up to the 2.8 GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor with Turbo Boost up to 3.8 GHz.

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Foreign letters when changing keyboard

My space bar has broken off, and I will have to change my keyboard. I am norwegian and use norwegian keyboards, and was wondering if the keyboard uses æøå letters in place of whatever the american keyboard has there? Or is it like windows and it doesn't matter as long as you choose keyboard language?

Update (03/15/24)

I forgot to add: Will this keyboard (MacBook Pro 13"/15" Retina (Touch Bar, Late 2016-2017) Keyboard) fit my norwegian macbook? Are the keyboard layout exactly the same and fit in my case?

MacBook Pro 13"/15" Retina (Touch Bar, Late 2016-2017) Keyboard Изображение


MacBook Pro 13"/15" Retina (Touch Bar, Late 2016-2017) Keyboard


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Sorry no, this is a North American layout (ANSI). The European systems use the ISO standard layout which uses different keys as such the keyboard won’t physically fit. Note the Enter/Return key

Block Image

As far as the keys markings the ISO keyboard, you can use any keyboard but the marking could confuse! You will then need to apply stickers on the keys or swap out the KeyCaps TheBookYard - KeyCaps to properly mark them.

Given how hard it is to replace the keyboard while more expensive it ends up being a better repair. Here’s a listing of Uppercase assemblies Uppercases

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