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The Samsung Galaxy A72 is a midrange USB-C smartphone released in March 2021. It offers a 90Hz Super AMOLED screen, a Snapdragon 720G chipset, and 6-8 GB RAM.

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A part of the screen won't touch

Before the whole screen won't touch so I replaced the main flex cable but 2 months later a part of the screen won't touch as you can see in the image.

Block Image

There's no cosmetic damage on the screen, only minor scratches.

I want to know if it's either the main flex cable or the whole screen itself.

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If the original issue was related to the cable, it could be the cable again, or even the connector (I know those wide Samsung main cable connectors can be fussy to connect properly and are damaged easily because of this.

But the fact that it's a single line across the display makes me lean more towards the display. Localized touch screen issues in my experience are almost always the display. Digitizer damage is not always visible, and could be caused by some minor bend.

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@choppedmangoes this looks and behaves like a failed digitizer, not the flex. I suggest you replace the display assembly and re-evaluate. Replacing the screen with the midframe, will make it easier and quicker. Use this guide Samsung Galaxy A72 Screen with Frame Replacement for that. Replacements are readily available at plenty of online stores.

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