I need help with some questions and solving some issues.


I am planning to fix my Sony Playstation 1 Fat console model SCPH-7501. However, before doing so I have some questions and came across some issues. First I will list my questions and for last I will talk about the issues which I would like to know how to solve. My questions are as follows:

1) Are the KSM-440 AEM and KSM-440 ADM optical eye models compatible with my Sony Playstation 1 fat console model SCPH-7501? If not which models are compatible?

2) Is there a particular best company, which makes replacement Sony Playstation 1 Fat Console model SCPH-7501 optical eyes?

3) Is it possible to find original new Sony Playstation 1 Fat console optical eyes for sale?

4) When do I know if I should either replace the whole optical eye or just the disc spinner?

5) Which product does your company recommend for beginners to use to clean the outside and insides of video-game consoles Isopropyl alcohol or compressed air?

The issues which I came across are:

1) When I turn on my console, sometimes it simply doesn’t display anything on the screen the screen stays black or sometimes the screen freezes on the blue menu screen before the Sony Playstation logo appears. About this issue:

What is causing this issue? How do I solve it?

2) When the console is on and the screen doesn’t freeze, sometimes the “reset button” doesn’t work and sometimes it works.

What is causing this issue? How do I solve it?

3) When I open up the disc tray lid it most of the times just doesn’t close up anymore and the “open button” stays stuck.

What causes this issue? How do I solve it?

Hope someone can help answer these questions and issues which I am having with my Playstation 1 console.

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Here is a link to the service manual for the ps1 scph-7500-series.


Most of the issues sounds like they are related to mechanical pieces that don't work like usual. Might be worth a shot to disassemble the unit and have a look if anything on the inside causes these issues


@markusnorstroem Hello Markus! Thank you very much for your help.


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