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Repair guides and information for the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers.

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Replaced antenna and no longer turns on

I have amateurly replaced my R Joycon antenna with one I believe to be an older model of, and I want to know if I might have short circuited the controller by prodding around with metal tools.(im new to this site)

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Have you checked all connections in the controller? Might be a loose connection too


@markusnorstroem So i have to make sure they are in-in? like slight looseness might be it?


@kingrss I'd at least start there as I've had similar issues with other nintendo consoles and fixed it by checking for loose connections


@markusnorstroem Also I recently discovered that if I connect it to the console and press the home button twice it works (but if I disconnect it nothing)


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Go around with a voltage meter and see if there is any shorts in the circuit and make sure everything is plugged in.

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