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The PlayStation 3 Slim is the second version of the PS3 video game console with the original model number CECH-2000. Produced by Sony Computer Entertainment it fixed many issues of the original (fat) Playstation 3. It was released on September 1, 2009.

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Playstation 3 slim no screen nor audio appears.

I tried to turn on my console but it didn’t work, i tried entering safe mode but it just powers off. The Power Supply makes some kind of “tick” sound after it turns off. I opened it but the motherboard was okay. So i replaced the HDD and nothing happened. So i didn't put the hdd in the ps3 but still nothing happened. I replaced the power supply snd still has the same issue. I took it to the repair shop and they said they dont know what’s happening to it.

My guess is the video chip or the HDMI is damaged.


PS3 Slim CECH:2001B

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Have you tried booting it with the disk drive disconnected? Sometimes...that tick sound is the laser returning home because of a boot failure. When the console is plugged in does the red standby light come on and stay on, or no?

There are so many possibilities, trying to nail down the culprit could be "difficult". Did the repair shop do a Syscon read, or even attempt one? Even if it were HDMI or associated components the repair shop should've been able to tell you so, that type of issue is typical/routine stuff.

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I booted it with the disk drive disconnected but it did not work.


And the red light stays on


@osmankhwaja With the disk drive disconnected did it still make the "click" sound?


Yes. Im guessing its the psu


@osmankhwaja Indeed but if you already replaced the psu, that click might be the psu "saving" itself from a faulty motherboard by shutting down.


That guy discovered multiple faults causing your same symptom. The cause of instant power off after pressing the power button doesn't always stem from the same one issue. It can be any of many components. Sometimes you get lucky though and really is just a bad psu. Good luck.


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