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The larger of Apple's MacBook Air laptops featuring dual microphones and 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity.

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2013 MacBook Air Wi-Fi issues

Interesting problem. I'm currently working on a mid-2013 Macbook Air 13". Recently, I've had problems with it connecting to the internet. Have gone through all of the troubleshooting, turning off the Wi-Fi, renewing the DHCP license, trying other network connections, etc. I also removed and cleaned off the Airport Card and same issues. On a whim, while I had the bottom cover off, i tried connecting to the internet and it worked perfectly!! Put the cover back on and the same issues came back up, no internet connection! Is there a problem with the cover blocking the Wi-Fi connection or should I get a new Wi-Fi antenna?

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Inspect the cables for damage. Sometimes the connector becomes loose from the cable either shorting out or just becoming disconnected. You may want to just replace the antenna unit.

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I think your suggestion was a great help in addition to the one from Zach. Here's what I did. Switched out AirPort cards and inspected the cables and they looked fine. However, when I put the bottom case cover back on and screwed in the 2 center screws (the longer ones) noticed I was losing connection again. I removed the 2 center screws and it started to work fine again. I then put the center screw on the right (one furthest away from the card and cable) and it still worked fine. I then put the one in on the left, closest to the cable and card and lost the connection. So took the case off again, cleared the cable away from the screw hole and so far so good!! Thanks for your suggestion! I think this was probably the issue with the right center screw interfering with the cable. Thanks!!


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Are both of the antenna cables connected properly to the AirPort card? If one or both of the cables is not connected properly or damaged in some way then you could get symptoms like what you're experiencing. It could also be due to a failure on the AirPort card itself. If the antenna cables look undamaged and they're connected properly, then I would try replacing the AirPort card. Good luck!

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I had actually thought about doing this, so glad you recommended it! Luckily, I have a 2014 Macbook Air (MBA) and swapped the AirPort cards and it worked! But, I put the AirPort card from the 2013 MBA and it actually works now in the 2014 MBA!! So I think that was a partial fix to my problem. Also got a suggestion from Dan and that seemed to have helped as well!


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