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This is one of South Africa's biggest smartphone manufacturers.

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Why is phone not turning on?

why is my phone not turning on?

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@abongiledamane it would be nice if you can tell us what exact model your Mobicel is and what you have checked. It will also help if you can tell us if your phone shows any sign of life. Try the generic troubleshooting and see if that yields any results.

first check your charger. Make sure it has proper output. Then check your charging cable. Check to make sure that the connectors are not bend etc. After that, check the charging port. Clean it of any debris etc, use a few puffs of air to clean it out. If none of this works, get a USB ammeter and see if your phone draws any amperage from the charger. If it does not it is possible that this is a charging port issue or a bad battery.

To check the charging port, use a voltmeter and measure the voltage on your battery connector. Next plug your phone charger in. Now measure the voltage on your battery connector. That voltage will have to have increased. If not then the issue is either the port or the charging circuit.

Once we know what model this is we can hopefully guide you further. REmember that a lot of these phones have a flex cable between the main board and the sub board. Check that for micro tears and corrosion and proper connection to the boards. I suggest that you start with a new battery if any of the above did not work. After that it's the charging board and flex cables.

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