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HTC's all-in-one VR headset, released in March 2023.

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Stock item hasn't been in stock in months

I have been watching the following item for the past 4 months - HTC Vive XR Elite Right Arm Housing

It has been out of stock for literally ever. Please tell me how or where else I can get this because without it I am unable to play my vr. Vive itself doesn't sell it and I can't find it anywhere else on sites like ebay. I've already contacted the ifixit email but all they told me was that they don't have it in stock and aren't planning on making any more orders for it, also to find it on amazon or make a question on here.

HTC Vive XR Elite Right Arm Housing Изображение


HTC Vive XR Elite Right Arm Housing


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Just checked with our purchasing team. We are going to get a reorder placed on Monday, should be available within a few weeks.

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I intend to buy the same thing but for the left side and the part is the same state "out of order". Could you reorder it too ? Please check for the inner and exteriour side !



Thank you so much!


Any updates on the order?


Not an exact ETA. Placed the order last week but haven’t gotten an idea of shipping times yet. Probably 2-3 weeks


It's been I think more than 2-3 weeks since this reply, is there a slight delay? Just curious, don't mean to rush since I've had a cracked housing arm recently for the hmd.


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