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Apple's smallest iPhone 14 was released on September 9th and comes with a 6.1" OLED display, an advanced dual 12 MP camera system, and a front camera with autofocus. Successor to the iPhone 13.

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My iPhone 14 Is restarting every 3 minutes After It fell in water


Restarting every 3 minutes, i checked the panic log and found "sensor array 0-4 is 0x0, 0x400000, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0". So i replaced the wireless charging Flex with a new one but nothing changed. What am I supposed to do now?

Aggiorna (04/09/24)

Here It Is part of the panic log

incident" : "6421DE41-DE57-4DBE-99F0-C5610EC43463",

"crashReporterKey" : "884233b2e31aa549398edeeb4a798e3d6efab935",

"kernel" : "Darwin Kernel Version 22.6.0: Wed Jun 28 20:52:14 PDT 2023; root:xnu-8796.142.1~1\/RELEASE_ARM64_T8110",

"date" : "2024-04-09 20:55:42.50 +0200",

"panicString" : "panic(cpu 2 caller 0xfffffff0201364ac): SMC PANIC - ASSERTION FAILED: target\/d27\/target.cpp:266: 0, SMC BSC failure, spreadsheet ver(*10) 40\nS.sensor array 0 - 4 is 0x0, 0x400000, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0 \nF.sensor array 0 is 0x0\n\n - Misc(2) OUTBOX1 not ready\nASSERTION FAILED: target\/d27\/target.cpp:266: 0, SMC BSC failure, spreadsheet ver(*10) 40\nS.sensor array 0 - 4 is 0x0, 0x400000, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0 \nF.sensor array 0 is 0x0\n\n\nRTKit: RTKit-2062.142.1.release - Client: AppleSMCFirmware-3424.\n!UUID: 2d1a421e-cd24-3eaf-a935-3186cf73b348\nTime: 0x000000010da1bbda\n\nFaulting task 2 Call Stack: 0x00000000000486cc 0x00000000000480a0 0x0000000000047eb0 0x000000000004a5d8 0x0000000000003f8c 0x000000000001eb10 0x000000000002155c 0x00000000000366c8 000000000000000000\n\nChinook ASC Async error info: \nl2c_err_sts 0x5000fbfc00000000, l2c_err_adr 000000000000000000, l2c_err_inf 000000000000000000\nlsu_err_sts 000000000000000000, fed_err_sts 000000000000000000, mmu_err_sts 000000000000000000\ndpc_err_sts 000000000000000000\n\nMailbox (0): (0)\n Inbox AKF_KIC_INBOX_CTRL = 0x00020001, AKF_KIC_MAILBOX_SET = 0x11111101\n Outbox AKF_AP_OUTBOX_CTRL = 0x00020001, AKF_AP_MAILBOX_SET = 0x00000000\n\n dir endpoint timestamp msg\n ==== ============ ================== ==================\n


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Sadly in terms of water damage there is not much you can do besides just buying a new phone

The only thing I can really make out from this is that your wireless charger is shot

If anyone knows what sensor 0-4 is or what error 0x0 is then we might have the ability to fix it

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I alredy replaced the wireless charging flex and tried the torch (which is connected to that flex cable) and it works, so i think that's not the problem...


@peppemariani again that error message is huge and I'm no expert in it so it could be fixable but with water damage that causes a shutdown it PROBABLY won't be fixable


Also it lookes like the SIM card reader is cooked


@hampter no that was out of the case ahaha


ah that would explain it


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