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A USB (Universal Serial Bus) cable is a common type of cable used to connect devices such as computers, smartphones, printers, cameras, and other electronics. It is designed to transfer data and power between devices, and is often used for charging devices as well.

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Broke one side of my 16 foot ubs type c

hey guys i have a c to c cable and one end broke i cut the end that was broken and there is at lest 9 single wires and then 4 that are shielded twisted pair. I need guidance on this my self and were to get the type c connector for that, its a 16 foot cable so id rather not chuck it out

Update (04/16/24)

ok I did forget to mention it was meant for the quest 2 and it was the 90 degree bend end.

The info given is great by the way

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the part if anybody ever needs it on digikey is



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@anora5807 the USB-C luckily has a standard but the wire color does not. Download the pinout book from here Page 49 will tell you what signal is on what connection. Now you will need to get something like this testboard (either male or female end, since we do not know which end of yours is damaged). You can now determine which wire (color) goes to what connection on your replacement connector. Again, not sure if it is a male or female end, check Mouser.com or Digikey.com (as well as many others) for replacements.

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@anora5807 then this will only work if you know what the pinout is on the Quest 2 side. Ultimately, I would think that it keeps the same standard. Check mouser.com or digikey.com as well as many others for the USB-Connector you will need.


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