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iPhone XR iCloud Lock Removed without attempting to

I purchased a iCloud Locked iPhone XR a while back to use as parts. It has been sitting around for quite some time and I decided to power it up to see if it was still in good shape because I had located a donor phone to get a logic board from. I went through the sign in process and successfully signed into my iCloud and it seemed like the iCloud lock that had been there before had just disappeared.

In what situations can this happen? Did the iCloud account that it was attached to get deleted possibly? I am unaware of if there is a way previous owners can remove the iCloud lock without the phone.

Any thoughts on what might have caused this would be greatly appreciated.



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you can remove phones from your icloud account using another iphone or signing into icloud.com

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Right but this doesn't completely remove a iCloud lock on a device, right?


@cooltool Yes, actually it does.

That's undoubtedly what happened; the previous owner saw that the phone was still attached to their account and deleted it, either from another iOS device or the iCloud website. Doing so unlocks the phone from the Apple account and turns off FMI as well.


@cooltool yes it does, usually then just requires reset and setup like a new phone


Awesome. Thank you for the help. I didn't know that happened when removing a phone from your account. I appreciate it very much.


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