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Logitech G920 Driving force wheel with pedals is an immersive racing simulation device that connects to an Xbox console or PC. This controller allows a player to simulate racing in a virtual game.

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What is black wire on the connector plug in the steering wheel motorbo

The black wire in the connector to steering wheel mother board what's it purpose and could it cause my steering wheel not to recognized slash not work or malfunction

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It depends on what specifically is going on. But if the cable you mean is the one in the image below, then it could have many ramifications if there is an issue. That cable connects the board in the steering wheel mechanism with the one in the base. It carries all the signals from the steering wheel to the rest of the device. That means all he buttons. the turning mechanism, and any of the other components in the steering wheel could be affected.

Block Image

What specific issue are you having? Is there something we can assist with?

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