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Western Digital My Passport Drive. USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive.

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Restoration of module 190 on a western digital hard drive

A few days ago I dropped a Western Digital My Passport 5TB hard drive.

I sent it to the company that is supposed to recover the data and they said that its 190 module was destroyed.

They asked for thousands of dollars to recover the information and that's an amount I can't spend.

I wanted to understand if I could buy a hard drive of the exact same type and replace this module?

In addition, is there a way to understand exactly what this module is? Where is the documentation of such things? I couldn't find it on google

Thanks in advance.

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Word of advice, DO NOT try anything on your own if the data is important, ESPECIALLY if the drive is dropped and there is hardware damage.

From what I'm able to find, module 190 is part of the translator module for WD hard drives. The translator is responsible for converting LBA addresses sent from the host to actual physical sector numbers on the drive, so the drive can find the sector and read the data.

The translator database is unique per device, copying from another device will not work because the sector mapping is different.

If it is a 5TB drive, it's very likely to be a SMR drive, so the sector to LBA translation relationship is dynamic and changes all the time like a SSD, therefore the recovery becomes even more chaotic with the translator module damaged, although I'm not sure if module 190 is responsible for this kind of dynamic mapping.

Forget about doing it on your own, a few thousand dollars is already cheaper than if you try to do it yourself because the tools capable of booting the HDD into service mode and allow extraction/loading of service area modules already costs $10k on average.

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Module 190 can often be recovered from these drives for the purposes of data recovery as long as there is minimal tampering before sending it in. www.datarecoveryguy.com

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