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Released in 2019. this model is 55 inches and is 4k UHD.

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My tv remote not working so I ordered a new tv remote and it’s not wor

My old tv remote not working and the new one not working

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@kewaun use your cellphone to see if your remotes are working. I am sure they are but it's always good to check and not to assume. Turn on your camera on on your phone and point the lens directly at the top end of the remote. Push the buttons on your remote. See if you can see a light in your camera. If there is a light, the infrared LED and buttons are all working. Remote checks out. Then the other thing you will have o check, is the IR board on the inside of your TV. They do fail just not very commonly. If your TV is a UN55RU7300FXZA the IR board and the power Button Board are one piece. The samsung board number for that is BN96-48730A

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