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The Sony VAIO P series is a range of ultraportable subnotebook computers launched in January/February 2009.

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Changing the ram of my mini vaio laptop.

How will upgrade my ram on my vaio p series to a higher level so that it runs fast.? And also which ram would I have to buy. If it is in your shop then tell me Or i will buy online. Please tell how to change the ram.

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This series of Sony ultraportable notebook/laptop things has soldered ram, meaning it is directly built into a board and basically non-upgradable unfortunately. Based on research of this devices, however, I doubt that replacing the ram is enough to speed this device up any reasonable amount.

With that said, if you were able to:

  1. Discover the exact types of ram chips compatible with this device
  2. find these chips
  3. unsolder the old ram
  4. resolder the new ram on
  5. not damage any surrounding components in the process

you may be able to squeeze a tiny amount more of performance out of this device. however, it has likely passed the cost of purchasing a used device of a different kind for better performance.

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Hey I’m happy to try help unfortunately we don’t have a guide or parts for it available however I might be able to attempt to assist you.

If there are any screws you can see on the bottom of it undo those and try to carefully pry the back cover off otherwise there may be other fasteners securing it such as screws underneath something however I am not familiar with the device but YouTube might have a teardown for you if you look. Once you get the cover off you should be able to see the motherboard if the ram isn’t soldered down you should be able to see it (see image)

Block Image

If you can see ram looking like that you should be able to buy ram. When looking for ram it is crucial to make sure it is DDR2/3 I cannot tell you which is required as I don’t know your exact model assuming the ram isn’t soldered and you have bought you can find guides to install on YouTube such as this one which is for your device or a similar one https://youtu.be/QbgQU7oZ5es or this teardown of your device https://youtu.be/F9Mf2zqOCZU

I hope the has helped and I wish you luck

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