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The March 2015 update of Apple's 13" MacBook Pro Retina Display, model A1502, features fifth-generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors and introduces the Force Touch trackpad.

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What is a normal temperature for this model of MacBook?

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Alright, my computers had overheating issues for a while, and I'm starting to suspect that this is just gonna be normal for it. But first, I consult you guys.

My MacBook's average temperature: 60c to 104c. It has reached 105.42c before, but only briefly.

When I am doing something simple such as Google Docs, YT and such, its about 60c to 80c.

When I am doing gaming such as Minecraft, it's 80c to 104c, this is expected though, as gaming is more intensive, my main concern is; can this cause damage?

I redid the thermal paste back in 2021, which was rather needed, as the paste was full of bubbles.

Finally after 1519 battery cycles I got my new battery and replaced it yesterday. Instant improvement in battery life and such. It also isn't overheating as much now! Before the entire computer would heat up, now it's just the area with the heatsink. Also takes a bit longer before it begins to overheat.

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most likely you have a failed heatpipe. it is fairly easy to test just with your finger. start mac without bottom cover, let it boot and heat up a bit. check if you feel same temperature on pipe around CPU and fan.

the reason for that is that pipe is filled with liquid, which might evaoporate or leak.

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Well running higher that 100 C is not something you should doing for any length of time! So you clearly have a thermal issue.

While cleaning off the old thermal paste is a start, I would first get a good reference if you haven’t already get a good thermal monitoring app like TG Pro which will allow you to see more clearly all of the thermal sensors and also allow you to push the fans RPM to help reduce the heat buildup.

Post a snapshot here of the apps main window when the temp is up there, do make sure to get all of the sensors as the list is larger than the screens size unless you shrink the font size. Why I ask is often times the fans as well as the heatsink it’s self fail

But you also do need to make sure the fan and the logic board are not loaded with dust as that impedes the systems ability to cool it’s self and lastly, don’t block the vents!

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I have smcFanControl, and my fans are spinning at a wonderful 6201RPM.

When I replaced the battery yesterday I gave it another dust cleaning, there wasn't much dust thankfully. I tend to use it on a smooth solid surface so that the vents aren't covered.

Interesting thing: smcFanControl and Terminal report 2 DIFFERENT temperatures.


@computermoth - Well that’s all good! Your swap out of the battery helped as the systems power logic was running in over drive trying to keep your battery charged. Think of a leaking bucket that you are constantly filling the water. Now your water bill at the end of the month will be huge! That is the same effect here just adding more heat!

I do find TG Pro is a better tool as you get logging so you can track things over time. So without seeing things I can’t tell you diagnostically if the heatsink is good or bad and we still have the drive as it can also push things. What is the drive? Size and type.


By drive I assume you mean storage.

Data storage is 500GB

Memory is 8 GB 1867 MHz DDR3

The battery was also surprisingly still in decent shape, for a 9 year old battery with 1,519 cycles.

It held a charge, charged quick. And the system report claims its condition was 'Normal' but I don't believe it.

I also timed it about a month ago, starting at 10%, it took 45 minutes to reach 1% while running, Minecraft, iTunes, Youtube, Terminal, Finder, Safari, Google. All at once


@computermoth - So the drive is the original one then. Why I ask is gaming tends to be hard on SSD’s when the RAM is limited (8GB being the common for this series). I would recommend jumping to a 1TB drive if you are planning to use this system. The problem is as the drive ages wear leveling has to run harder to free up less used cells as SSD cells only have so many writes. There are tools which can get you into the deeper level, but I don’t find they always ID a well worn drive.

For now I think it’s time to just clean the heat sink and chips and applying a fresh coat of paste. Now be careful! It doesn’t take that much! To help guide you take a thin sheet of tissue paper cut it into the size of the silicon chip, then wet it rolling it into a ball. Even this is a bit large but is a good way to see the relative size on what you need.


I can do that again, we have some thermal paste, and i've done it once on this exact computer, so I can do it again.

As for upgrading to 1TB, I've only used about just over half my storage, and the storage card in this is thankfully removable, but it looks more like a RAM stick then an SSD, so I'm not sure how one would upgrade that.

I do know from working with other older Macbooks, that you can easily swap the cards, the problem is finding one.

Oh and! Another interesting observation of mine. This has been going on for a while, but when I check the Terminal after my computer has been off, I get the wonderful temperature reading of -127.00c! Which is like, if that were true I wouldn't have a computer anymore.


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