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which battery to order?

I ordered a Shuffle 4th gen batter from ebay: 3.7v 0.27whr. it is too big and the leads are different.

the 5th gen battery on ebay looks similar to mine has correct leads, and almost identical whr.


anyone know which battery to order and why the mismatch?

(my device is the square with the circular button pad on the front).

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ken, check on here. Step 4 shows the battery, and it says " 616-0548 (corrected due to poor eyesight;-)" that is the one I would get:-) Careful with the pictures on ebay. A lot of those are just a representation of what they are trying to sell. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Thank you for the quick reply.

In case another goes looking for the modle number the correct number from the photo is:


...(i read the last digit as a "3" as well the first time:)

ordered it on ebay. the seller labels it as a 5th gen. Amazon also labels it as a 5th gen.

Will update if it fits. wish me luck


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