Why won't my laptop power on with the charger?

My mid 2009 MacBook Pro will not power on if the battery is flat with the charger plugged in. The battery doesn't charge. The light on the MagSafe connector is always green. When the battery is flat the machine is totally dead. I have two 85w chargers which work fine on other laptops. The battery charges fine when installed into another MacBook pro. With the battery charged the machine works fine. When booted under battery power and then plug in the charger the OS recognizes that the power adaptor has been connected but says that the battery is not charging. I have reset the SMC a number of times and also reset the PRAM / NVRAM. I have reseated the RAM and all major cabling. The problem arose after I opened the machine to tighten the hinge screws which had come loose. In my stupidity I did not remove the battery when I did this because I didn't have the right size torx driver, this is the only thing I can think of that I did wrong. I am hoping that the problem is with the small MagSafe board and not the logic board but I never touched the MagSafe board when I originally opened the laptop. I have since dissasebled the entire laptop and rebuild but still have the same prob. Please help!

Thank you

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