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Mid 2006 / model number A1181 / black or white case / 1.83 or 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo processor.

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Which Cable Goes From Power Inverter To Display?

I recently took apart my friends MacBook that was having backlight issues. The backlight was only working some of the time... and eventually it died altogether. From what I had read I thought it was the inverter or the cable going to the inverter from the logic board. After taking it apart and replacing the inverter board and that cable I have ruled that out. However, I have a feeling it may be the pink and white cable coming from the inverter going to the display, as it appeared to be damaged.

Is this cable part of the display? If not, can I buy it separately and replace it? Where can I find this cable?

Thanks so much!

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The pink/white cable is the backlight cable. It is soldered at each end of the backlight fluorescent bulb. There's no other electronic board or circuity, the cable is directly connected to the lamp. You may replace the cable connector with another one coming from a dead LCD panel. Just cut the cable near the damaged connector, skin the two wires, do the same with the new connector and solder the wires. Use small shrink tubing to cover the solders.

Another solution is to buy a cracked compatible LCD panel on ebay making sure the backlight is still working and transfer the backlight assy to your panel. Before doing this you may check the backlight functionality by connecting the panel to the inverter board and boot the computer.

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Yes, that cable is integrated into the LCD panel itself. it technically could be repaired by someone who is skilled in wire repair / soldering.

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I have the same problem on my Macbook Pro 2,2. When I took it apart, I found out that two screws came out of their hole by 3-4 mm, thus squeezing the white-pink cable.

So, I highly suspect this cable is the problem, but before cutting and soldering, I'd like to be sure.

Can I test the inverter with a multimeter to see if it works? Which tension should it give?

What else could I test before the nip&tuck?


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