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A helpful collection of toaster repair and disassembly guides.

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Toaster heats but will not pop up.

Modern Maid Built in Toaster KBT100

Toaster heats but will not pop up

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Try unplugging it and cleaning all the crumbs out of it either through the slot on the bottom if there is a clean-out or through the top by shaking it vigorously. You might want to do it outside or at least over the garbage since there will be a lot of crumbs and it will be hard to control where they land as they fly out.

Beyond that, if you can take the cover off, use a sponge or an old tooth brush to clean off the release mechanism, which in your case seems like it's sticking.

Perhaps spray a shot of electrical contact cleaner on the moving parts to keep them free to move throughout the rest of the life of your toaster.

Plug it back in and work it up and down a few times before you toast any bread. After that, toast it up and enjoy those eggos!


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If cleaning out crumbs and such doesn't free the pop-up mechanism you may need outside repair. There is a website, Toastercentral.com that sells used KBT-100 Modern Maid toasters when available, and also says they do repairs on this model. You might try contacting them.


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Can you not adjust the tension on the springs that pop the toast up?


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