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Support for desktop computers by Gateway. Gateway is owned by Acer these days, and anything new by Gateway is supported under the Acer Group.

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How to remove back cover of this all in one Gateway zx4351 desktop?

I recently bought ram that i want to install into my Gateway zx4351. A simple process that I have done several times on different machines, so i thought doing it again would be a piece of cake.

Problem is, I cant even get past step 1, removing the back cover of the machine. There are no screws at the back, no sliders, absolutely nothing that would indicate a way to open the back.

The gateway support site has no answers and neither do their representatives they provided through live chat on their website. If this thing was assembled then its got to be possible to be disassembled? Anyone know how?

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first the stand must come off, There you need a flat head to rip open around the area were the stand and screen are hidden. then put a small flat head by forcing it in. that will unclip some of the clipped parts then put your fingers in it and work your way around

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Ok, I think I get what you are saying.

But just to clarify,

When you say "then put a small flat head by forcing it in", do you mean that i should use the flat head on the edges of the computer to remove the black cover?


There is a attachment to the top right of the back cover that i think contains connections for the disk drive to the motherboard,

you can see it in this picture.

is it safe to remove the cover, or will this connection be affected?

Thanks so much for your help, its a life saver! Really Appreciate it!


Gracias Excelente aporte amigo


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I just did open a Gateway ZX4270-MW31. The back stand it's screwed to the back plate from the inside, so in this model it is after the back cover is removed that you can access the screws of it, but it is an unnecesary step.

First you pull carefully the bottom rubber feet, with your fingers, they DO NOT come off completely, just enough to see 1 phillips standard screw under each one, then you must unclip the plastic clips all around de back case. The back panel (has a square type plastic clip that is easy to break. So you have to separate the front panel/display bezel, as they have a little "tongue" that snaps inside the squares from the back panel.

Also, The motherboard has all the ports connections solded in place, both the side usb ports and the back ones too, so there is no need to work your way around them, The whole thing is mounted con the display metal part itself; but be advised that it is better to start unclipping the clips from the bottom up, then the left side first then the right side. These left side clips differ lighty and are easier to unclip. The whole bezel is very soft plastic, so you have to be extremelly carefull, to avoid nicks breaks and scratches. On the right side is the dvd drive tray and is it not attached to the back panel, but the tray door somehow gets in the way on its edges, so b carefull to avoid a snag.

When the back panel comes off. It is very much a straight foward procedure, from then on...way easier than a laptop...

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