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White Screen Upon Boot

I have an iMac G3 M5521 with a 400MHz PPC Processor, 512mb RAM and a 20GB Hard drive. I got his iMac From my parents for my first mac. Only one problem. When I press the power button it chimes then after like 5 seconds it shows a white screen. I've hooked it up to an external monitor and shows the EXACT same white screen. PLEASE help me; this is the computer that shaped my childhood! I dont wanna make a fishtank out of it.

PS. The CDROM drive broke YEARS ago so, don't suggest trying to re-install os x tiger.

~Koston Morin

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Hook it up to another Mac via a firewire cable then start the machine up holding down the "T" key. If the hard drive is good, or even working at all, its icon should show up on the other Mac. Run Disk Utilities on it to see if it can be repaired.

Apple iMac G3/400 (Early 2001 - Indigo) Specs

Identifiers: iMac - Early 2001 - M7683LL/A - PowerMac4,1 - M5521 - N/A

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Thank you for your suggestion. But I figured out the problem. It was the hard drive. I just decided to put a 160gb western digital in and re-installed the OS with an external dvd drive I had lying around...


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