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The Cadillac DeVille was originally a trim level and later a separate model produced by Cadillac. The first car to bear the name was the 1949 Coupe de Ville, a prestige trim level of the Series 62 luxury coupe.

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Instructions to replace the starter on 1997 Cadillac de Ville?

how and what do I need to replace the stater in my 1997 cadillac deville

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Bruce Double, you forgot to give us the engine size;)

4.6L Engine

1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.

2. Disconnect the positive battery cable.

•In order to get to the starter assembly the intake manifold must be removed. Refer to the procedure for removing the intake manifold.

3. Reposition the front bank spark plug wires.

4. Remove the air intake duct from the throttle body.

5. Detach the electrical connectors for the intake manifold, Throttle Position (TP) sensor, and Idle Speed Control (ISC) motor, Evaporative Emission (EVAP) CoMoJ solenoid and Cruise Control Servo.

6. Disconnect the vacuum hoses at the brake vacuum booster, fuel pipe bundle and to the body.

7. Disconnect the PCV hoses at the intake manifold.

8. Unhook the accelerator cable at the throttle body and position it out of the way.

9. Relieve the fuel system pressure. Disconnect the fuel pipe quick connects at the fuel pipe bundle in the engine compartment.

10. Remove the EVAP solenoid bracket at the rear (or right) cam cover.

11. Reposition the transaxle range control cable away from the cruise control servo.

12. Disconnect the coolant hoses at the throttle body and to the coolant reservoir and plug the hoses. Wrap a shop towel around the hoses when disconnecting to avoid spillage.

13. Remove the four intake manifold bolts and lift the intake manifold with the throttle body out of the engine compartment.

14. Unbolt the solenoid 'S' terminal nut and battery cable nut. Remove the starter motor mounting bolts, and lift the starter motor out of the manifold cavity.

4.5L and 4.9L Engines

1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.

2. Raise and safely support the vehicle securely on jackstands.

3. Remove the starter motor shield.

4. Remove the exhaust front and rear pipe assembly.

5. Remove the flexplate inspection cover.

6. Disconnect the solenoid'S' terminal nut and battery cable nut.

7. Unbolt the starter motor mounting bolts, and remove the starter motor.

To install:

8. Install the starter motor, and tighten to 32 ft. Ibs. (43 Nm).

9. Install the solenoid'S' terminal nut. Tighten the nut to 35 inch Ibs. (4 Nm).

10. Install the battery cable nut and tighten to 12ft. Ibs. (15 Nm).

11. Install the flexplate inspection cover, the front and rear exhaust pipe assembly and the starter motor shield.

12. Lower the vehicle.

13. Connect the negative battery cable.

Hope this helps, good luck.

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