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iPad for display purpose with a mac mini?

Well my question is can i connect my ipad to the mac mini for using it as a display as well as the ipad's touchscreen for input? I have tried many vnc softwares but none of them are flawless (smooth). Is there a way i could use my iPad for i/o purpose with the mac mini?

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The problem with using the iPad over VNC is that there's bound to be some lag just by the nature of the problem; getting that much data over wireless isn't easy.

I personally use Air Display to use my iPad as a secondary display to my MacBook when I'm on the go, and it's nice to have the extra pixels, but I generally just use the iPad space for non-moving windows, such as reference materials and such.

To directly answer your question: no, you won't be able to get a smooth 60 Hz experience with an iPad hooked up to your Mini. However, if you're fine with a little delay then Air Display should work well for you - it allows you to use the iPad for mouse and keyboard input, which is pretty nice.

I should note that I haven't done this with the iPad as the sole display -- you will need another display at least for the initial setup.

Hope this helps!

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Unfortunately, no.

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