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The Nuvi 680 global position system features an MSN Direct subscription which provides local weather, traffic, gas prices, movie times, mp3 and hands-free calling capability, and a large touch screen color display.

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Is a 1500mAh battery compatible with a 1.24 Ah battery?

I ordered a battery from Amazon based on the device. The battery I got from Amazon is rated at 3.7v, 1500mAh, but the battery in the device is 3.7v, 1.24 Ah.

Are these batteries compatible?

I believe that the replacement battery will "discharge longer" which means it holds more charge. I think they are compatible.

If so, a note should be added about batteries to the guide for Garmin Nuvi 680. Ideally, a link to a battery guide should be at the end of battery guides.

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ewkpates, what you have, is a battery with a bit more storage capacity. 1.24 Ah= 1240mAh since 1Ah=1000mAh. As long as the connectors and the rest of the physical dimensions are the same, it will be okay to use. I believe that there are just to many different manufacturers and sellers to add anything like this to the guides. Since anybody can edit the guides and place notes on it, you could post a note about which battery you got and add the seller and the number. That will then help the next person....;-) Hope this helps, good luck

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Your assumption and oldturkey's response are correct. The battery will work fine as long as it has the same connections, and the same voltage (3.7V).

Those capacity ratings (the mAh numbers) are almost always innaccurate and inflated anyway, especially when purchased from inexpensive sources.

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