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Linux based router from Linksys (cisco), internal antennas...8MB of Flash and 32MB of RAM. Gigabit LAN. This is a non-simultaneous dual-band that replaces the WRT-320N. Supports advanced aftermarket firmware from DD-WRT,TomatoUSB and others.

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Directions for special firmware upgrade

Looking to put TomatoUSB firmware on a new router i am setting up today...... "Toastman" version/build of tomato USB on a linksys E2000 router to be exact.

I have yet to find clear instructions unlike DD-WRT i have used for a long time in the past.

Is the install process the same as stock tomatoUSB firmware?

I would prefer the modified toastman tomato firmware with extra features it would suit me better for my needs.....however without some clear instruction on the tons of versions out there...... flashing the router i have, just like any of them, its a bit of a risk (brick the router).

Any insight would help, i would like to get this router done asap.......

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well i went for it ...... upgrading via the stock firmware GUI directly to one of the newest TomatoUSB - Toastman builds for this router..... a VLAN version for me.

30/30/30 reset before flashing the *.bin file and after the upgrade is complete.

you must change your ethernet port to Manual IP, sub and gateway

NOT DHCP as DHCP is not enabled by default with this firmware.

You CAN NOT use wireless to flash, you must use ethernet.

thats about it, make and leave the thing alone for awhile after flashing it and then doing your final 30/30/30 reset...... and of course enable DHCP for the IP Range your on.... wireless security etc.

maybe this will help someone in the future.

some info on the web for the various builds and DD-WRT wiki page for your model router.

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