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Introduced in 2003, the Dell Inspiron 5100 is identified by the model number PP07L.

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The part of the laptop where the charger is broken?

The laptop charter/where the charger goes got all messed up. Despite this, the laptop still works. (Can't turn on obviously, but it would if it could be charged.) Should I have the laptop repaired? Or should I have the hard drive removed? IF I can get the laptop repaired how should I go about doing this in the most cost effective way?

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Rachel, I suppose you are talking about the DC jack. It is soldered to your motherboard. Here is the service manual. It looks like it is a straight forward job to get to the motherboard. Once you have full access to your motherboard, take a look at the connector, it might be of or the solder connection might be loose. You can either resolder it, or if it looks to bad, replace it. You can get a replacement from here Total cost should not exceed $10. Sounds like a pretty cost effective task. Hope this helps, good luck.

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neither link works


rickkop that is because this answer is 6 years old ;-). You can get the service manual from from here Some 2 minutes on Google finmds the part at places like this


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Fixing this issue involves re-soldering the power jack on mother board and I`m afraid it wont be possible with regular soldering iron. I would suggest to take it to some hardware shop and get it fixed because a wrong attempt can may harm your laptop more.

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