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Repair guides for the MacBook Air, Apple's current line of consumer laptops.

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Can we drill a keylock hole?

Hi, Apple decided that a kensington lock does not fit to Macbook Air, amd now alsothe Retina Macbook Pro is missing this simple feature. Are their experts who can advice how and in what position we can make a hole in the casing?

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Sorry to say you can't just drill a simple hole. You need a milling station to create an under cut (T shaped) slot for the kensington lock to fit and grab.

For now your best option is to write a strongly worded note to Apple. Hopefully, they see this is a major issue for people and rethink this.

If you must do this your self you'll need to find a good machinist to see what he can do to mill the case for one.

Here's the just released iFixIt guide MacBook Air 13" mid '12

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Glue on a metal plate with the proper sized hole onto a part of the lid near a hinge. You can buy such a plate, but making one is far cheaper. If you use serious glue, they'd have to destroy the lid to make off with it. By that time, you and your latte will be back from the RR.

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