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1.8GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 (Turbo Boost up to 2.8GHz) with 3MB shared L3 cache

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Can I upgrade memory on these?


If I purchased the 4GB model of the new MacBook Air that just came out, could I upgrade the RAM to 8GB myself?



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yeah its maybe fast with mountain lion, but what happens if you open a couple of browser windows, a big ide and a large photoshop file at the same time... 4gb are, unfortunately, not enough for all this. mountain lion itself needs quite a bit of ram after booting up :(


Dennis, I think you missed the point of the Air is not intended to be a do everything system. If you need that you should get a regular MacBook Pro system. Besides Apple's (and others) direction is to wean you off of carrying it with you design and into the iCloud (internet accessible) where everything is hosted.


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Hi Alex. Welcome. Unfortunately the RAM is soldered to the logic board, making a simple RAM swap upgrade impossible. The only way to upgrade the RAM is to swap out the logic board for one that has 8 GB RAM modules.

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Sounds, good. My new macbook air with ivy bridge and Mountain Lions is superfast at 4gb no need for upgrade.

Thanks for responding though.


When did Apple say this Walter? Apple charge enough for a MacBook Air and its speed should be more than enough for high powered work. There's not much memory left to do much else. They solder it on so that we have no choice but to pay Apple's highly inflated prices just as we have to in the new MacBook Pro. That's not a valid comment Walter. Also Apple want you to use iCloud because, hey what do you know.. it charges for iCloud storage. Let's get one thing clear, Apple don't do anything for YOU.


Steve - See for your self here, this system's memory can't be upgraded: Step 17 - Teardown. No, Apple soldered the memory as it didn't have the space to use plug-able memory modules. The issue is trying to do too much with a system designed for the person on the go, not a desk jockey.


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I have a mac book air, have multiple windows open, HDR photo manipulation in Photoshop and 1080P HD movie editing with iMovie, and it never falters (in fact blows my I7 CORE desktop PC system out of the water at work).

SSD is the key, virtual memory with SSD is like having extra Ram, with instant read and write capability. Keep your drive clean, use Cloud based FREE storage systems (dropbox for example) and enjoy the speed of a fantastic PC. I never let my Mac drop below 100gb (easily done!) and it is lightening fast!

Apple does nothing for you....delivers better speed, more reliability, better infrastructure, ssd drives as a standard, lighter system, solid metal casing, multi gesture track pad, retina screen, better and faster OS system, 13 hours battery and less depreciation compared to a PC, and i will still be using the Mac long after any other PC laptop will have gone to silicone heaven, oh and they are a joy to use and super sexy. What else would you like?

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Matt - All modern OS's use virtual memory. The trick here is having the space on your primary SSD/HD storage. Clearly, you have that so you must be making an effort working off an external drive for your files.


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Macs: proprietary af, a couple years down the road you either upgrade your hardware or its a paperweight. A really pretty, still very capable paperweight. Put Linux on dat ##&&% and keep it movin.. AK

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To those Windows diehard whiners always accuse Apple for over price, please take a look at these links for the so called "high end Windows laptop" Look carefully at the prices

then compare it to the top of the line special latest Macbook Air with smilier configuration, - 8G RAM, 500G SSD, newest Intel i7 Haswell process $1850.00

And, you tell me that Apple is overpriced? And don't forget you don't have to deal with the garbage WindowsOS and the garbage wares the HP pre-installed on your brand new laptop!

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@rich1812 You do realize both of those laptops have quad core cpu's, compared to the i7 that comes with the "top" of the line model of this mac...? I don't see how you can even begin to compare those two laptops with this mac, they blow it out of the water by a mile.


1. "Did you mean slimmer?" I can't see a smilier configuration.

2. You do realize that not all i7 is the same right? There are i7 for ultrabooks, which is embedded in macbook air too, and i7 for heavy duty, such as extreme and K version for overclocking right?

3. You forget graphic card configuration, which adds a bunch for the price.

4. 8GB of ram is nothing, most gaming laptop nowadays use 16 or even 32GB... moreover they use special ram for gaming or high end...

5. While i agree that some laptop have bloatware, not all of them does... mine works okay without bloatware... do you do your research?

6. You looks like an angry sheep here... calm your mammaries down


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