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screen stays dark but machine runs

we started up a merury book (400) after several years in cupboard with a pram restart. it starts up completly. now the battery charges and we can start "normally" again with pressing the startbutton, then one can see the applelogo while startup very very dim. screen stas black,

after staring up the fannoise is there, as well as the noise of sound button etc.

just the sceeen stays dark.

any suggestions?


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Could be a connection, the inverter, a cable or backlight - follow this post for troubleshooting & diagnosis. Connect to an external display will rule out video chip/logic board problems.

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If you can see the desktop on the machine, you most likely have an inverter or inverter cable problem. To verify this, hook it up to an external monitor and see if you get a picture. Also try moving the screen up and down and see if there are any changes. Let us know your results.

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