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The Xbox 360 is the second game console made by Microsoft, and was released November 22, 2005.

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Error Code 0132 HELP! Elite (Ben Q Drive)

I have an xbox 360 ELITE i got from a friend because it had 3 red rings or 1, it had issued with the grapics ship, i then repaird it with pennies posing as pressure to reconnect the motherboard layers etc and to conduct heat, here is the guide i used



It worked fine for a few days, until there were lines in the screen and i tried alternating the pennies and disks with no luck, the Xbox kept overheating with 2 red lights (the overheating ones) it stays on for around 2 minuted maximum and i identified the code in sequence it went 4-1-3-2 (this translated to code 0132) and i cannot fix this, i have not repaired the console in any other way, but please help!!! i thought about the thermal paste option and Xclamps but i would like a second opinion as im a noob to Xbox repairs!!. (I'm pretty sure i included every detail)


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wazzzat, the problem with the fix you used is that it is pretty much a hit or miss. The issue here is that the solder around the contacts of your GPU is no longer making proper connection. I would remove the penny fix and redo it with either the RROD fix kit from here. The better way would be to reflow your board, using this guide. the best way of course would be to reball your board. For that you need to use a professional service, unless you have the proper equipment available. I most certainly recommend using thermal paste on the heat sinks. Hope this helps, good luck

Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Fix Kit Изображение


Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Fix Kit


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how about if i heat the motherboard with a hairdryer, then insert extra screws and washers, and cleaning the GPU and CPU and reapplying thermal paste? would this work? i can already open the xbox i just need the equiptment such as screws and what i actually do with the screws :)

thanks for the help and any further help with my comment would be much appreciated, also forgive the spelling! :) and what benefits are thermal pads?the heat sinks and the screws/washers?


it realtes to e74 failue on the dashboard or something, also what is the percentage thisw will work? even if the xbox was f l a sh e d??


The RROD kit has a decent percentage of working, if it is done right. The kit functions by exerting additional pressure to the solder connections and (most of the time) enable the points to make contact. Extra screws and washers will not do this effectively. The thermal pads and thermal paste have to do with heat dissipation, just like the heat sinks. A heat sink clamps on to the CPU/GPU and is designed to draw heat away from the hip to protect it. The bottom surface of the heat sink is extremely smooth to maximize surface-to-surface contact with the chip. Small imperfections and pits in the CPU wafer allow tiny gaps that reduce the effectiveness of the heat sink. Thermal paste is a thin layer of a variety of compounds that binds the CPU and heat sink together, it fills any pits, gaps or imperfections that would allow air pockets between the chip and the heat sink. It really does not change anything having \to do with firmware, software etc, if the device is shutting down related to overheating.


Thank you for accepting my answer, best of luck to you.


Sorry, forgot to tell you that your hair dryer is not going to supply enough heat to reflow the solder. Soft solder typically has a melting range of 190 to 840 °F a hair dryer is approximately 130 to 150 degrees F.


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