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Can I install snow leopard?

I just bought a 320 gb hard drive to install and a friend of mine just bought a new MacBook Pro and will lend me the install discs. my machine is a 2002 witha 1 ghz power pc processor will i be able to install snow leopard ?

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Nope- Snow Leopard requires an Intel processor. You might be able to install 10.5 (Leopard), but it will be sluggish at best. I'd recommend sticking with 10.4.

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Josh is right. 10.4 is good on this machine unless you have reason to use 10.5


Thank you :)


Accept the answer if it answers your question please!


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Would the iBook 933 be sluggish with Leopard even with a 1.25GB of RAM?

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Please post this as a separate question so more attention can be given to it. Ralph


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