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Released in North America in November 2006.

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No video or audio, replace HDD or GPU?

My Wii does not put out any audio or video, I hear the ROM drive and the fan spinning. I disconnected all the cables to the Wii and hooked up my other Wii, it worked perfectly. So I am thinking it is the GPU. Will it be easier to change the GPU or just swap the HDDs. I have not found a guide to do either of these on the ifixit website.

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After some reading it may be an idea to check your Bluetooth and wifi module first. If they have come loose it will prevent video and audio.

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HDD usually stands for Hard Disk Drive. My wii doesn't have one, only the DVD drive.

But I also have a wii that doesn't give sound or video, and wondered how hard it is to replace the relevant audio-video encoder chip, which is available on-line.

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