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Can I use my old iMac as an external display?

Hi there,

I have an old 24" "broken down" imac, and i would use is it as an external display for my new 21,5" i5 imac. Is it possible with or without modding the imac to use it as an external display?

i know that it isnt possible to use the origional displayport.

any help is welcome

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As far as hardware goes, no. The LCD in the iMac gets its signal via the display data cable from the logic board. You can, however, use it as a display using software.

Since the connection depends on your wireless network, display performance may vary greatly.

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You can also use a wired connection (Ethernet) Vs wireless (WiFi) as well. In any case your iMac needs to be working to make it a slave system to your other system (Master). ThunderBolt connections between systems could offer a better solution in the future if someone were to write the needed software. But again you have to have a working system.


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Many thanks for the info so far.

ScreenRecycler is a nice solution but it is really slow, even over an ethernet connection. Other VNC's are even slower.

I just can't imagine the fact that it isn't possible to share video and also hardware info. (master/slave)setup.

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