How do I troubleshoot click wheel problems?

My nano 2g suddenly started acting weird a few days ago. It turns on, but only if I press the wheel hard. I can reset it and restore it, but the middle button does not work. I can reset the nano by holding down the MENU part. If I press hard, I can get the menus to change, but I cannot control how the menu changes. Also, the wheel does not respond to touch. I have reset, restored, and all of the troubleshooting offered on the Apple website for nano 2g. How can I make sure that what I need is a new case assembly or click wheel assembly (if either is available any more)? I don't want to order parts I don't need. thanks in advance!

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Switch it to hold and wait a few minutes. Then turn it back on. The answer is to get something very thin but tough, hard flexible plastic, and very carefully go around the outer and inner edges of the click wheel. You will notice that small debris gunk will come out. After having done that switch to hold and wait for a couple of minutes and then switch the hold off and give it a try.

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Okay, I tried that. It did not fix the click wheel problem. Not much came out of the click wheel area. My iPod nano has been covered by an iskin duo for 99% of it's life out of the box, so I guess it hasn't had much gunk get in it. How do I determine it is for sure the click wheel assembly I need? If it's a logic board issue, I'll just wait and replace the iPod when I can.


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Having read your query, I think there's a possibility that the hold switch is on. You can try to unblock the switch or toggle lock switch back and forth.

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Hi my name is Varun i'm facing problem with my ipod nano 2nd generation model A1199 EMC NO - 2115 from long back and the problem is middle button of my ipod is not working properly please help me to resolve this issue.



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