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Dead laptop after spilled liquid (ice tea)

It's been two days since I spilled considerable amt of ice tea on the keyboard. The trackpad and keys were not working and it doesn't turn on anymore. I assumed that it was lack of battery but when I put charger it seems working well. If I try to turn on the laptop just the caps lock's key is on(with the green dot light) but nothing else. I really need to fix it myself because the cost in apple store to repair them was $755. I don't know how could he make a cost like that because he didn't even closely look at it. He said they are going to replace everything. I just ordered some screwdrivers to tear it down and it will take few days. I am seriously worried about buying parts like logic board or keyboard since they cost a lot. Does anybody have an idea if I would really have to replace them?

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See this liquid damage - replace keyboard only, or is the problem more serious?. Follow the Tags on the right side for more information about liquid spill damage and repair. What parts you'll have to replace depend upon just how wet you got the inside of your laptop.

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Thank you,

It seems like I will have to see the inside and clean the parts first.


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