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Jared Williams

Independent repair technician. *iFixIt MasterTech Certified* Serving Cambria County, Pennsylvania, USA and Blair County, Pennsylvania, USA.


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My name is Jared Williams. I'm originally from Altoona, Pennsylvania, USA. I am a junior Computer Science student at Saint Francis University. My concentration in my studies of Computer Science is software development. However, I have always been inclined to take things apart throughout my life. Over the last three years, I've been working for my University IT department as a repair technician for our Student Laptop Help Desk. We serve over 1,600 undergraduate students who are all provided a Lenovo Thinkpad laptop while studying at the university. We provide hardware repair and software solutions to students as a part of a self-maintenance program organized with Lenovo/IBM.

Over the last two years, I've begun to do my own work on mobile devices part-time. Most of my work is with different models of iPhones; however, I do have experience with other Apple products, as well as, Samsung and Motorola products. In the last six months, I've taken my side hobby of fixing devices for friends and family and I've opened it up to a more business like offering of services, promoting by word of mouth to my local community and University.

In November 2016, I became certified as an iFixIt MasterTech in hopes to show my customers that their device is in good hands and not in the hands of some random Joe with a few screw drivers looking to make a buck. My goal is to provide quality, dependable repair services to mobile devices to the people in my area. I find it too many times that people I know pay out a few hundred dollars for a device repair to a kiosk in a mall which is apart of a larger chain, only to find that the quality of their repair is minimal if not non-functional. I stand by the quality of my products and services often backed by Lifetime warranties in addition to being cost saving and offering competitive pricing to the second-rate mall kiosks.