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If you are having trouble with the Asus ROG G750JM-BSI7N23, try referring to the troubleshooting guide here.

Background and Identification

The Asus ROG G750JM-BSI7N23 is a 4th generation gaming laptop. This model can be identified by the bar code label on the belly of the laptop.

The Asus ROG G750JM-BSI7N23 is a larger laptop with a Intel Core i7 (4th Gen) 4700HQ processor. This version has a 17.3" screen with a full HD display. It also includes 8 GB of RAM and 1 TB of Hard drive space. The laptop is also equipped with a built in webcam, stereo speaker, a sub-woofer, along with a stereo microphone.

Additional Information

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Asus ROG G750JM-BSI7N23 disassembly video

Asus ROG G750JM-BSI7N23 user manual

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