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Background and Identification

The Justice League Ultimate Batmobile is a fully featured remote controlled car that was released in 2017 from the toy manufacturer Mattel. The edition size is 35,000 units, with each car being around 2 feet in length. The car has been recreated exactly the way the Justice League movie depicts, and has many true-to-the-movie features such as: smoking tailpipe, rotating weaponry mounted on the hood, and a hydraulic suspension system.

The 9.9V onboard rechargeable battery included in this Batmobile boasts 30 min recharge time for 30 min worth of play. The car is intended for both indoor and outdoor use, though it is mainly viewed as a collector’s item. This version is full featured, however, there is a version without the internal motor or WiFi connectivity intended for a younger demographic. The car is operated via a smartphone app that allows the user(s) to view a POV video from the cockpit of the RC car to your phone.

Additional Information

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