Brake pads wear is one the most maintained thing that overlooked in the car. One of the few symptoms that related to brake pad problem are noisy or steering wheel pull to one side when braking. This guide will help solve those problems by changing the front brake pads for 1997 to 2003 Chevrolet Malibu.

  1. If using the car's emergency scissor-jack, identify the designated placement locations for this specific jack.
    • If using the car's emergency scissor-jack, identify the designated placement locations for this specific jack.

    • The jack needs to be placed behind the front tire in one of the two slots indicated by the red markers.

      • The slots are one foot behind each front tire, and 8-10 inches inward from the outer edge of the car.

    • While on flat ground, put the jack in the slot closest to the front.

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  2. Do not go under the car unless the car is support by a jack stand.
    • Do not go under the car unless the car is support by a jack stand.

      • Put a block in front of one of the rear tires and another block behind the same rear tire. This prevents the car from rolling in either direction while the front is jacked up.

    • To operate the jack stand, turn clockwise to lift up and turn counter clockwise to low down.

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    • Loosen the plastic lug nuts, located on the hub-cap, with a 19mm socket.

      • When putting the hub-cap back onto the wheel, tighten the lugs until you feel firm resistance. Do not over tighten because the threads will strip.

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    • Loosen and remove the five metal lug nuts with a 19mm socket.

      • Torque the metal lug nuts to 100 ft-lbs when putting the wheels back on the car.

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    • Remove the wheel from the hub.

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    • Loosen and remove the two bolts located on the backside of the caliper with a 12mm socket.

      • Torque the two bolts to 33 ft-lbs when putting the caliper back on the mounting bracket.

    • Remove the caliper from the mounting bracket.

    • Do not allow the caliper to hang freely. This will causes stretching or internal blocking of the brake line.

      • TIP: Using hang wire to hang the caliper on the spring mount to keep it out of the way.

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    • Use a pry bar to remove the old brake pad from the bracket.

    • Use the same procedure for removing the pads on the other sides.

      • TIP: Using C-clamp to compress the caliper to refit the new brake pads

      • After removing the pads, you can check the rotor for irregular wear or damage. Run your finger across the face of the rotor to feel for grooves or chipping.

    You need to place screwdriver between brake pads and pry open ( pushing piston back in )before replacing with new pads

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    True that the brake caliper needs has compression and will need to be opened/released in order to have clearance when putting it back onto the rotor wuth the new pads installed otherwise it will be impossible to do so!

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    • Pull the two caliper pins out of the mounting bracket by hand.

      • If needed, apply "Brake Lubricant" to the two caliper pins. This fights corrosion buildup and allows the pins to slide off more smoothly.

    • Before putting the new brake pads on, apply "Disc Brake Quiet" compound to the metal backing of the pads to keep them from squeaking.

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To reinstall brake pad, follow in reserve order. It is important to do a test drive since the brake may feel soft the first time after a new brake pad.

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