How to disassemble the laptop and replace the Processor.

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  1. Switch off the laptop and remove the battery.
    • Switch off the laptop and remove the battery.

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  2. The Keyboard is held by 5x locking clips.
    • The Keyboard is held by 5x locking clips.

    • Pick up a little the one side of the Keyboard and start opening the clips one by one.

    • Disconnect the Keyboard flex cable from the mother board and remove the KB.

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    • Remove 3x Philips screws.

    • Disconnect the two small flex cables:

      • Power On button flex cable

      • Touch pad flex cable

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    • Unscrew the two Philips screws and remove the HDD / RAM Cover.

    • Remove three screws securing the hard drive caddy (hard drive assembly).

    • Slide the hard drive assembly to the left to disconnect it from the motherboard.

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    • Disconnect the two coaxial antenna cables from the Wi-Fi card.

    • Remove any Memory or Dummy card.

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    • The bottom cover is held by 10x Phillips screws. Remove them.

    • With a plastic tool separate the Upper cover and remove it.

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    • Disconnect:

      • The Microphone cable

      • The LCD Display flex cable

    • Remove 3x Pillips screws.

    • Lift the board first from the right edge.

    • There is another one cable, from the DC connector, connected to the underside of main board. We should spun the the board to disconnect the DC connector cable.

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    • Disconnect the Fan cable from the Motherboard.

    • Remove the screws (4x Phillips screws) that hold the cooling system to the Motherboard

    • Remove the Cooling System.

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    • Counter clockwise release the screw securing the CPU using a flat head screwdriver.

    • Guideline, lift with equal pressure on two sides of the processor chip to avoid bending any of the pins.

    • Intel Core i3-2370M

    • Before installing the new CPU, clean the Cooling system and put new thermal compound / paste.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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In step 3 my computer had an extra screw for the DVD drive. So make sure your not trying to pry it open with the screw in like i did.

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Hi there!… I have an old Asus X550CL laptop with an I3 processor. So you know if it’s upgradeable to an I7?

Best Regards!

angelo.cesar79 - Ответить

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