This guide will walk you through a lens assembly replacement procedure.


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  1. Remove the battery and SD Card from their slots.  Leaving these in could cause the battery to ground and ruin the electronics.
    • Remove the battery and SD Card from their slots. Leaving these in could cause the battery to ground and ruin the electronics.

    • Unscrew the six screws on the casing. Two are on the bottom as pictured; two more are on each side of the camera.

  2. Pull the lanyard mount off of the camera using a spudger or your fingers.
    • Pull the lanyard mount off of the camera using a spudger or your fingers.

    • Find the line that separates the casing into its two halves. Hold each half seperately, and gently pull apart.

    • Note that there is a small metal clip holding the two halves together. It might help to press down on the back half (indicated) while pulling upward slightly on the front half.

    • Take hold of the inside of the camera, and gently pull away from the back casing.

    • Remove the square, clear, rubber protector from the front of the logic board. This is not necessary to remove, but can easily fall off and get lost during later steps.

    • When you reassemble the camera, make sure the switch on the casing (pictured left) matches the position of the switch on the camera internals.

    • The black viewfinder padding (pictured right) can easily fall off the casing. Make sure you don't lose it when moving around parts.

    • Remove the LCD cable by gently prying the hinge open with a spudger or your finger. The cable should easily slide out.

    • Lift up the metallic-colored clip with the spudger to remove the shutter panel.

    • Remove the shutter panel with the spudger, now that the clip is released.

    • Use the spudger or your finger to release the orange ribbon from the logic board.

    • Pull the ribbon out of the socket using the spudger or your finger.

    • Disconnect the two other ribbons from the logic board in the same fashion.

    • Lift up the large green flap by using the spudger to pry up top right yellow edge.

    • Pull the flap back with the spudger so that the logic board is exposed.

    • Use the screwdriver to remove the three screws on the logic board. Take note that the bottom right screw is shorter than the other two.

    • Use the spudger to carefully remove the logic board from behind.

    • Remove the detached logic board from the camera.

    • Remove the side screw holding the flash bulb.

    • Remove the orange ribbon from below the lens.

    • Grasp the plug that yellow and black wires are attached to, and gently remove. Tweezers are very helpful here.

    • Note that there is a capacitor in the flash bulb assembly, under the small circuit board. Do not touch the two metal terminals, as the capacitor may discharge. Damage and personal injury may result.

    • Use the spudger to carefully lift the flash bulb out.

    • Remove the screw at the upper right-hand corner of the LCD screen

    • Remove the function buttons by sliding the spudger underneath the black rubber and lifting up.

    • Lift up the LCD screen WITHOUT removing it completely. The screen is still connected to the camera via a backlight ribbon underneath.

    • Remove the last screw holding the tripod mount to the case. The LCD ribbon threads under the mount, so upon reinstallation, the ribbon will need to be threaded through before the mount is reattached. Take note of the tripod mount orientation.

    • Pull the back light ribbon from it's socket to remove the LCD completely. There is a little hole you can stick the spudger into to help release the ribbon.

    • Lift up the black tape from the right corner to expose the LED

    • Push the out from the top of the camera, pulling away from the direction of the lens.

    • Remove the three screws which secure the lens assembly to the main chassis.

    • Remove the lens carefully from the chassis. You're done!


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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This helped me fix my Canon IXUS 60. The lens was completely broken so I ordered a new lens module from ebay. Thanks to this guide I was able to fix it!

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