Decent monitor for a decent price (free). This model is known to have issues with the power supply. Most common are are failed capacitors and switching diodes. Until I have the schematic off the power supply, I opted to replace the power supply with a known good one. It is a straight forward replacement, with the toughest part being the front bezel. It is a bit of a pain on the fingertips to unsnap it.

  1. Here is a Dell 1908FPb LCD monitor without the stand.
    • Here is a Dell 1908FPb LCD monitor without the stand.

    • Remove the four (4) Phillips screws from the back of the monitor.

    • The four (4) screws are M3x10 machine screws

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  2. Start removing the front bezel. It is a snap fit and can be removed by inserting ones fingertips between the bezel and the LCD panel.
    • Start removing the front bezel. It is a snap fit and can be removed by inserting ones fingertips between the bezel and the LCD panel.

    • At this time just unsnap the bezel.

    • Continue to unsnap the bezel all the way around, with the side of the control buttons being last.

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    • Unsnap the bezel at the button bar last. Do not try to lift the bezel up just yet.

    • The ribbon cable from the button bar still attaches the bezel to the monitor.

    • With the bezel loose, but still in place, turn the monitor upside down.

    • Lift the back cover of the monitor off and place it aside.

    • If the back does not come off easy, make sure that the front bezel is all the way unsnapped.

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    • Here is the connector for the cable from the front button bar.

    • Unhook the cable by simply flipping the black clip away from the cable side.

    • Removing the cable will allow for the removal of the front bezel

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    • Remove the front bezel and set it aside.

    • Next disconnect the USB ports

    • This connector is a simple pull connector. Pull on the connector itself, not the wires.

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    • Next is the cover for the CCFL cables.

    • Lift the middle security tab,

    • and slide the cover into the opposite direction of the imprinted arrow

    • the cover can now be removed. Clearly visible are the connectors from the inverter to the CCFL's. This monitor obviously uses four (4) tubes.

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    • Use a screwdriver (or your fingernails) to lift the security tab

    • and remove the wire from the connector.

    • Remove all four (4) connectors

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    • Remove the two Phillips screws on the right side of the panel.

    • The screws are M2x5

    • Remove the two Phillips screws on the left side of the panel. They are identical to the right side.

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    • Do not remove the metal case from the panel yet. Slide it upward in the direction of the arrow, this will make the display data connector more accessible

    • To remove the connector, squeeze both metal clips together. Remove the cable by gently pulling on the connector, not the cable.

    • The panel and the metal case can now be separated. The power supply and the video board are both contained on the inside of the metal case.

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    • This is the power supply,

    • and the video board.

    • The power supply is mounted with four Phillips screws and two plastic standoffs

    • Remove the four screws. Three of those are brass colored M3x5, the bottom left is nickel colored M4x5 and is the grounding screw.

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    • To loosen the plastic standoffs, use a pair of needle nose pliers (or similar) and squeeze the tops to free the board. Once it is free, flip it over onto the video board.

    • The cable from the power supply to the video board does not come off easy. To ensure that the connector will not break, it may be necessary to remove it from the video board. For that, remove the video board.

    • Remove the three Phillips screws. They are M3x5

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    • Remove the four standoff screws. Two from the VGA connector and two from the DVI connector.

    • Use a pair of pliers or a 4mm socket to remove those.

    • Remove the video board from the metal casing. There will be easy access to the cable with the power supply and the video board turned over.

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    • Disconnect the power supply connector from the video board.

    • The power supply can now either be replaced or repaired.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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The 2007FP is very similar up to step 11, where there's no need to to remove the video board because the power connector is much easier to remove.

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